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Introducing: Meghan Winters

Hey everyone! Starting today, BVB will be introducing a new member from our board every other Sunday. Today we will be introducing our Treasurer, Meghan Winters.

Meghan, her husband Micheal, and their daughter Joan, moved to the Brazos Valley about a year ago. Meghan and Micheal are high school sweethearts and have been married for just over six years.

Before moving to the Brazos Valley and becoming a stay at home mom, Meghan worked in the Army. She spent five years as an Active Duty Army Officer and was deployed twice overseas in Egypt and South Korea! Meghan also met Lieutenant Colonel Ali Pruitt, whom she describes as her role model, while in the Army.

Meghan first noticed BVB when she was searching for somewhere to donate food items right after the winter storm earlier this year. After reading the article and quickly becoming fascinated with BVB and our president’s story, Meghan joined our facebook group and decided she wanted to learn more about BVB. Soon after, she messaged Mrs.Robertson to set up a meeting and from there, she became our treasurer.

When she first moved here, Meghan didn’t