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Brazos Valley Blessings is a 501(c)3 organization that is established to end poverty in the Brazos Valley. We want to #BuildTheBrazos by pouring into the youth and the families that they come from. By showing students and families that they matter, it leads to be the turning of trends that typically hold them in the poverty cycle. 


Brazos Valley Blessings or BVB was established in October of 2020, by Founder Amber Robertson. Mrs. Robertson created the organization as a one-time attempt to provide holiday cheer during the novel Coronavirus epidemic. 

Mrs. Robertson is quoted in saying “I was just doing what God led me to do. I was blessed so I had to do his work and take care of His children.” That year, BVB was able to assist over 150 children and about 25 families. 

After this event, with the support of her family, friends, and board of supporters, Brazos Valley Blessings expanded to assist Brazos Valley citizens in their daily lives. This consisted of helping them allocate resources that we available in the community, and supplying them with basic household items, such as diapers & wipes, baby formula, and household cleaners. 

At the same time she launched the Brazos Valley Blessings Facebook Group, that was established to serve as a resource group that is supported by other members of the community. The special part of this group is that it is totally FREE! Meaning that community members, spanning over 7 counties offer and ask for everyday items at no charge from other members. This group has over 8,000 members with it growing daily!


When the 2021, Snowmaggedon hit the Brazos Valley, the BVB team went into action with other area leaders and hosted a 4 day food and needs pantry at a local church. 


BVB was blessed by a true supporter to become a full tax exempt, non-profit organization, allowing them to expand and host a Community Christmas Gala & Silent Auction. The proceeds from this event, went to support of over 490 children of low-income families the ability to celebrate Christmas. 


In the year of 2022, BVB successfully hosted three community outreach events to continue to support the youth. Supporting this community by hosting community outreach events, partnering with local businesses and organizations is the main goal to continue the mission of ending poverty in the Brazos Valley. 


Our biggest event to date, will be our 2nd Annual Community Christmas Gala & Silent Auction and our 3rd Annual Community Christmas Gift Giveaway. Our goal is lofty to provide a happy holiday season for our 250 families. 


BVB is a grassroots organization that relies on the donations of the Brazos Valley to keep going. 

For more information on Brazos Valley Blessings or any events that we may be hosting. Please feel free to contact us: or click on “Contact” and we will be happy to get back in touch with you. 



Brazos Valley Board of Directors!


We, at BVB, practice and promote inclusivity within our community. We are proud allies of the LGBTQIA+ and the BLM movement. If you ever feel alone in this community or would like to tell us more about different minority groups we might not know about, please feel free to reach out to us whenever!
We would also like to acknowledge that mental health illness affect us all. If you are feeling as if you need additional support mentally, please dial 988 on your phone. 

Also, reach out to a mental health specialist as soon as you can. 

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