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Introducing: Andrew "Rube" Foster

Hello Everyone! This week, we will be learning about Andrew “Rube” Foster.

Andrew “Rube” Foster was born in Calvert, Texas in 1879. He grew up in Calvert and attended school there until the eighth grade when he dropped out. At the age of 18, he began his baseball career in Texas for the Waco Yellow Jackets. In 1901, he was traded to the Hot Springs Arlingtons to further his baseball career.

Foster quickly built up a reputation in the baseball world, and was signed to the Chicago Union Giants in 1902. He experienced a slump not long after and was released from the team. He decided to sign with the Otsego Independents, but decided to trade to the Cuban X-Giants later on in the season.

During his time with the X-Giants, Foster quickly became a star. Over the years, Foster continued to shine in his new found basebal