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Plan a Gala "They Said"...

A few weeks ago, we were tossing around ideas on how to raise money for our annual Christmas gift drive and a supporter said "When is your silent auction?" and like wild fire, a plan started to come together.

Within a few days, a little (okay, a lot) of faith and some elbow grease, we were on our way to planning a gala.

Now with this crazy, brilliant idea, we were of course hit with a few curveballs.

  • Never hosted a gala

  • Didn't know where the silent auction items were going to come from

  • Who is even going to attend?

All questions we tossed around and I think pondered on for a few days.

Until we remembered that although we may be small, we are MIGHTY.

We know how to speak to people, our message to help is always the same and yes, we let the algorithm of the web do it's thing and find some of our sponsors/donors.

Yet the biggest impact, was getting out there in our community and speaking about the importance of giving back.

Many families in our area struggled with just the simple things of sending their kids back to school and ensuring they had meals throughout the day.

We explained these obstacles to many of them, and they were happy to give back.

One day, we will tell you the story about four boxes of honey (only 1200 packets), and you will laugh at our novice behavior.

Although, we are still in the planning stages of this gala, its important to know that we aren't just stacking things in a store room and watching our bounty grow.

We are planning, strategizing and thinking ten steps ahead to ensure, those that need us the most, know that we are here for them, not only when its the bad times, but when its time to celebrate and just be thankful.

With that being said, keep praying us through this and know that it's our greatest intent to Build the Brazos and break the cycle of poverty.

Lastly, tickets will go on sale on #SEPTEMBER1st! The listed price is $25+ tax here on our site.

Be blessed BVB family & supporters! We love you!



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