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Introducing: Krystal Massey

Hello everyone! Today we will be focusing on our Vice President, Krystal Massey.

Mrs. Massey was born in Corsicana but moved to the Brazos Valley when she was four years old. Her oldest daughter, Dasia, is seventeen and her youngest children, Brooklyn and Jordan, are eight and four. Her other “children” are her two dogs, Bella and Otis, and her cat, Tiana. She has been with her significant other, Jonny Smith, for a little over ten years.

Mrs. Massey has always been what many would consider a caretaker. She always has her nieces and nephews and she loves taking care of her family. She can do just about anything and even if she doesn’t know how to do it, it only takes her a few minutes to learn how.

One of the biggest things Mrs. Massey loves about her community is how they all come together and celebrate. One of her favorite events is the B/CS Christmas Parade.

Mrs. Massey’s biggest role model in her life is her stepfather, Scott Dean. Throughout every event in her life, whether it be big or small, he has always been there. He’s one of her biggest supporters and truly believes she can do anything she sets her mind to. He’s always loved her unconditionally and is the most amazing PawPaw to her children.

The main reason Mrs. Massey joined Brazos Valley Blessings was because of her best friend, Amber Robertson. When they were first discussing making BVB a real thing, Mrs. Massey saw just how passionate Amber was about helping her community and it inspired her to do the same.

Brazos Valley Blessings has allowed for Mrs. Massey to learn more about her community and step out of her comfort zone. She speaks to different businesses regularly about donations and she reaches out to people when sponsors are needed for events. She’s also attended events in the Brazos Valley that she didn’t know about until she joined BVB.

Mrs. Massey’s biggest mission in life is to help as many children as possible know that they are loved and wanted. She has worked with children since she was seventeen, and each child that she has taken care of has, and always will have, a special place in her heart.

Mrs. Massey plays a big part in the organizational structure of BVB. Even though she isn’t fond of being part of the face of BVB, she loves handling things behind the scenes. Whether that involves organizing, contacting local businesses, or any other day to day tasks she’s in charge of, Mrs. Massey always handles business. She takes charge in situations that many would not want to do, and she loves helping out in any way that she can. We are so thankful for Mrs. Massey and everything that she does, because without her help, we might not have made it to where we are today.

- Dasia Scott

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