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Introducing: Amber Robertson

Hello everyone! Today, I will be focusing on our President, Amber Robertson.

Mrs. Robertson is the founder and president of Brazos Valley Blessings and has lived in the Brazos Valley her entire life. She has two teenagers and two little ones who are her biggest blessings in life. Her husband Patrick, who recently passed away, was and always will be her biggest supporter.

Before starting Brazos Valley Blessings, Mrs. Robertson worked alongside her best friend, Krystal Massey, at their nonprofit, Caring Hearts and Souls. Their mission statement was very similar to BVB’s, but unfortunately, they had very busy schedules and Caring Hearts and Souls was placed on the back burner. Since then, it has transformed into something beautiful.

One of the main reasons Mrs. Robertson started Brazos Valley Blessings was her community. She loves to see her community come together and accomplish things that no one could have ever imagined.

One of Mrs. Robertson’s biggest inspirations is Maya Angelou. She helped change so much in such pivotal moments in history, and Amber aspires to change her community just like Maya Angelou helped change our world.

A big part of Mrs. Robertson’s mission is to end poverty in her community. She is extremely passionate about this issue and believes everyone has a right to basic needs in life.

Brazos Valley Blessings has allowed Mrs. Robertson to realize what is more important in her life. After realizing just how many difficult things our community is faced with, Mrs.Robertson took a step back and realized just how happy she was with what things she could control in her life.

Mrs. Robertson is so thankful for everyone who contributes to BVB. Whether it is by volunteering, donating, or even just praying. But I don’t think she realizes just how much everyone in her community is thankful for her. She created this organization at a difficult time and has managed to help so many people in our community, even during the toughest time in her life. She has been an angel to many and she will continue to be for many years to come.

- Dasia Scott

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