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Introducing: Amber Robertson

Hello everyone! Today, I will be focusing on our President, Amber Robertson.

Mrs. Robertson is the founder and president of Brazos Valley Blessings and has lived in the Brazos Valley her entire life. She has two teenagers and two little ones who are her biggest blessings in life. Her husband Patrick, who recently passed away, was and always will be her biggest supporter.

Before starting Brazos Valley Blessings, Mrs. Robertson worked alongside her best friend, Krystal Massey, at their nonprofit, Caring Hearts and Souls. Their mission statement was very similar to BVB’s, but unfortunately, they had very busy schedules and Caring Hearts and Souls was placed on the back burner. Since then, it has transformed into something beautiful.

One of the main reasons Mrs. Robertson started Brazos Valley Blessings was her community. She loves to see her community come together and accomplish things that no one could have ever imagined.