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"Do good & good will come to you"


If you would like to make a donation, you can donate through PayPal directly from our website or find us on Cashapp, Venmo, or make a donation through Facebook. No amount is too small.

As of right, now it takes $1,200.00 to make BVB run monthly.

Yes, $1200 is what we spend too just be able to keep helping.


We DO NOT have grants, investors or anything else.

We have everyday citizens, and community members helping us stay afloat.


Here's our breakdown:

Lease Payment: $780 x 12 : $9,360 a year

Storage Rental: $175 x12 : $2,100 a year

Internet & Phones: $150 x 12 : $1,800 a year

Marketing & Website: $80 x 12 : $960 a year

If you would like to be a reoccurring donor please reach out to us letting us know the amount and frequency of that donation.





Donate to help our cause

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your support!

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